Last Week's NCAA Upsets

On Tuesday, Baylor played at #19 Iowa State and won by a score of 73 - 69. Jared Butler helped Baylor get the win, with 17 points and 5 assists. While this isn’t a big upset, it was included because it was pretty close and Iowa State was in the top 25. Next was #8 UNC at #1 Duke. Part of the reason that Duke lost by 16 in this game was because of Zion Williamson’s injury within the first thirty seconds. UNC won the game by a score of 88 - 72.

On Wednesday, #6 Nevada lost at San Diego State. Nevada only made shots where they were right under the basket or outside the three-point line. They made no shots in between. With San Diego State leading the whole 2nd half, they took home the win with a score of 65 - 57. Florida beat #13 LSU 82 - 77. Georgetown beat #17 Villanova 85 - 73. Then, Syracuse beat Louisville 69 - 49.

On Thursday and Friday, there weren’t any real upsets. On Saturday, LSU defeated Tennessee in overtime. The game almost went into double overtime, but a foul was called and LSU went to the line with the game tied and 0.6 seconds left on the clock. LSU makes both shots and Tennessee got the ball. They threw a hail marry pass down the court and shot the ball, but it was a little too short and LSU won the game with a score of 82 - 80. #14 Texas Tech Demolished #12 Kansas. Kansas didn’t have a lead the whole game. In the end, Texas Tech won by 29 points with a score of 91 - 62. TCU beat #19 Iowa State 75 - 72. It was a pretty close game, like ISU’s last loss.

On Sunday, Xavier beat #17 Villanova 66 - 54. Villanova had a small lead most of the game, but Xavier started building up a lead with 9 minutes left in the second half. Villanova couldn’t stop Xavier and never got their lead back. Finally, #10 Michigan State beat #7 Michigan. Just like the last game, the score was always pretty close, but the winning team swapped back and forth in this game. Michigan State started building up a lead with 9 minutes left. After that, they held control of the game and won with a score of 77 - 70.

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