LeBron James Quotes Anti-Semitic Lyrics by 21 Savage

LeBron James quotes Anti-Semitic Lyrics by 21 Savage on his Instagram Story saying "We been getting that Jewish money, Everything is Kosher." The song was "ASMR" by 21 Savage, here is the song:

I do not think that the lyrics were intended to be Anti-Semitic, but what surprises me is that no one at his record label thought that people may take it as anti-Semitic. Also, LeBron James, considering how famous he is, wouldn't have thought that posting that was a bad idea. Now, I do not think that people should boycott 21 Savage or LeBron James over this, but I think that celebs need to be more careful when the post, and think about how people may take what they say the wrong way. Although, to 21 Savage's credit, he did apologize on Twitter:

Cover Photo CREDIT: Al Bello/Getty Images

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