LG Announces Features Of The LG G8

LG has recently been announcing several features about their new flagship, the LG G8 ThinQ, to get people excited about their new phone that will be released later this month. The latest of these announcements give us confirmation that the phone is going to be utilizing LG’s signature “Crystal Sound OLED” display to produce audio. That simply means that to create sound, the G8 will make use of an OLED screen that will vibrate in order to produce sound.

Due to the fact that it is using an OLED display, this will make the G8 the first LG G-series device that will not implement an LCD display. The G8 will also still have a traditional speaker available at the bottom of the phone for things that need a louder sound such as making a phone call. The top part of the screen can be used in unison with this speaker to provide dual-channel stereo sound. The phone will also come with a headphone jack, unlike many new flagship phones.


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