Marc Lamont Hill deserved to get fired.

MARC LAMONT HILL deserved to be fired. Calling for violence if not attacked is unacceptable.

Encouraging violence from a group that isn’t even recognized by most of Europe, or the United States is unacceptable. If you compare recognition, Israel is actually recognized by more countries. Most people can agree, including me that women and LGBTQ people’s rights deserve to be protected. Palestine has little protection for LGBTQ people and little protection for women against rape and domestic violence, according to UN Women. 51% of women on the Gaza strip has been a victim of some form of violence. How can a person be for a state that does not care about the rights of women and LGBTQ people? We should stand up for women and people in the LGBTQ community, and stop Palestine from turning a blind eye to women who need help,

How can Marc Lamont Hill even consider himself a liberal? Also Marc, I would recommend you change your #Twitter Bio since you just got fired.

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