Marco Rubio Reveals His Thoughts On The Government Shutdown


On Sunday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio discussed the government shutdown with the host of CNN’s “State of the Union” show, Jake Tapper. Rubio stated “I don’t think shutdowns are good leverage. It’s a lesson I’ve certainly learned in my time here. There have two shutdowns since I’ve been here. The aggressor in neither one was the winner.”

This may convey that Rubio is against President Trump’s idea of border security, but he has shown that he is only against the shutdown. He said that the idea for border security that Trump has demanded was good in ideology, but it wasn’t executed in a correct fashion. Rubio hopes that the government shutdown will only be a minor discrepancy in the Trump administration.

Rubio was questioned after the shutdown had ended, and he was glad that it had come to a close. Rubio hopes that border security will be improved in the United States, but he still agrees with Trump on many different factors. Rubio has said that he agreed with Trump’s decision on recognizing Juan Guaidó as the true president of Venezuela. This has shown that Rubio is not entirely opposed to Trump’s ideology.

Rubio has recently concluded that it was necessary to build a wall, but only as it was a well-known campaign promise of President Trump during the 2016 election.

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