Marie Kondo is taking over American households

Updated: Mar 13, 2019


As you may have heard, Japanese tidier Marie Kondo has been wreaking havoc across America with her hit Netflix show. In the show, she recommends people clear out their entire wardrobe by putting all of their clothes in one stack, and holding each one to see if it sparks "Kin!" which she calls joy. The show offers great tips on organizing, and I even tried painfully folding my shirts with her method, and it is by far the most time consuming thing you can ever do.

Although, there is some weight to the statement that a clean house improves all aspects of your life. The show seems like a positive message for people, especially with families, but

Thrift Stores are feeling some side affects. What is seen as an unlikely thing to happen in America, thrift stores are actually overflowing with donations.

This is being called the Marie Kondo affect. Things that other generations have done automatically are apparently revolutionary now. Kondo could be considered an international superstar. Every news station or late night show has a video with her cleaning some part of her office. But, I must give credit where credit is due. She managed to turn something as simple as cleaning into a massively lucrative business plan. Kondo has also caused an influx of items on sites like Grailed, where people say the reason they are selling their clothing is because their girlfriend loves Kondo's show, and they do not have kind words for her.

If you are interested in what the show is all about, watch the trailer here:

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