Mitch McConnell Says Trump Will Declare A National Emergency


Today, Mitch McConnell said that President Trump is set to declare a national emergency to obtain funding for the border wall. This comes after news about Trump potentially signing a compromise bill, getting limited spending for the border wall. Trump says he does not want to shut down the government again. Mitch McConnell also said he would support Trump on declaring a national emergency. Many people on both sides are against this, like Democratic candidate for President Kamala Harris. In an email to her supporters, she said, “I want to be clear with you, (name of supporter) -- this is ridiculous and I am going to do everything in my power to stop Trump from building this wall. It’s a waste of your money and it won’t make our country safer.”

Ben Shapiro then tweeted, “Trump shouldn't be declaring a national emergency. The best legal case he has is 10 USC 284, declaring parts of the border drug corridors. No need to set a garbage legal precedent that will undoubtedly be exploited by the Democrats in short order. ”

This emergency would most likely be challenged in court. Trump is only considering this idea and may not even go through, only time will tell.

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