MLB Announces New Changes to the Atlantic League

Major League Baseball announced that it will implement changes to the Atlantic League while observing how the changes will affect the game. Neither League has specified exactly what these rule changes are, but they did mention that pitch tracking technology will be tested at ballparks, which could eliminate human error; it is likely that they will test moving the mound back as well. Even if the MLB decides that these new changes are viable, it will still take time to implement them.

Even though robots will have a better accuracy than a human, it takes away some of the authority that the home plate umpire has. There will still need to be an umpire for plays at home plate, but he/she will not be doing as much. They may also try out a pitch clock.

“In exchange for offering to delay pitch clock until at least 2022, as Jeff Passan reported, MLB believes it would benefit from a number of elements in its most recent proposal,” Ken Rosenthal said. “Those elements include three-batter minimum for pitchers, maximum of 13 pitchers on the 26-person roster, fewer mound visits, shorter innings breaks, 28-man roster and 14-pitcher cap in September. MLB withdrew draft incentives and service time adjustments from the previous proposal.”

It is very unlikely that the MLB will not implement any of these changes.

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