Neflix Discontinues Support for Apple Airplay

Netflix has discontinued support for Apple Airplay, which some suspect this is in retaliation for Apple launching a Netflix-like service called Apple TV+. Netflix, however, has said this is not true and this change is unrelated to any of Apple’s recent actions. Apple Airplay is Apple’s version of Google Chromecast. It allows users to cast their screens on other devices. On Netflix’s website, they said that they removed Airplay support because it was causing problems.

Netflix claims that discontinuing Apple Airplay will provide users with a better experience on their service. Airplay is being used on many third party devices, and Netflix says that their software is currently unable to distinguish between whether it is being used on an Apple TV or a different type of TV, like a Samsung TV. Fortunately, Netflix is still allowing users to download a Netflix app on Apple devices.

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