Netflix's CMO Resigns

Matt Rourke/AP

Recently, there have been numerous high-level Netflix executives that have been resigning. The newest of them is the CMO, Kelly Benett, who has announced that he plans to resign from his job. Kelly Benett has been a member of Netflix for 7 years. Benett has also commented that he will not leave the company until a new CMO has been appointed. Some examples of other Netflix executives that resigned are Johnathan Friedland, the former chief communications officer, who quit last June due to rude comments made by others at a meeting, and another example is David Wells, the former chief financial officer, who resigned last August.

Netflix has been recently facing many challenges. Other companies similar to Netflix such as Hulu are able to provide their services for more affordable prices than those of Netflix. Due to these lower prices, Netflix users are discontinuing their Netflix subscription and choosing to switch to other streaming services.

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