New Research Suggests Megalodons Were Wiped Out By Great White Sharks

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A new research paper suggests that the Megalodon, a very large shark that is now extinct, was wiped out by great white sharks. This paper was published in the Journal of Life and Environmental Sciences and claims that the Megalodon went extinct due to competition from great white sharks.

Research on topics like this previously made use of global fossil samples, which led to a study that claimed the extinction was caused by a supernova which could have sent radiation to Earth that is thought to have caused animals to die out. Recently, Robert Boessenecker, a vertebrate paleontologist in South Carolina, led a research project that discovered evidence that proves the extinction was not caused by a supernova. When asked, Robert said, “We used the same worldwide data set as earlier researchers but thoroughly vetted every fossil occurrence, and found that most of the dates had several problems -- fossils with dates too young or imprecise, fossils that have been misidentified, or old dates that have since been refined by improvements in geology.”

Robert’s team used rock samples from California and Mexico. Through the use of this plan, they discovered that the fossils of the Megalodon were found until 3.6 million years ago. This proves the study that found the supernova caused the extinction is false because the supernova was around 1 to 2.5 million years in the past. Robert’s team then proved that the extinction was caused by great white sharks.

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