AdSense New Software Updates From Asus Have Been Hacked

New Software Updates From Asus Have Been Hacked

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According to Kaspersky Lab, a cybersecurity company, the software updates from Asus have been hacked; due to this, millions of Windows computers around the world now have dangerous malware installed on them. This malware was installed accidentally by users who received a message on their Asus computers saying that they needed a critical update. This update was very convincing due to the fact that it had an authentic Asus certificate so that it would seem like it was genuine. Kaspersky calls this malware ShadowHammer.

Asus has not yet made an attempt to stop this malware and also has not contacted anyone with infected computers.

Interestingly, these updates were targeted towards specific devices. The reason we know this is that the malware that the users downloaded has unique coding for 600 specific computers which are detected by their MAC address. When the malware detects one of these devices, it will download even more malware on that computer.

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