Nintendo Is Set To Release Two New Versions Of The Nintendo Switch

Photo via Nintendo

Nintendo is planning to create 2 new versions of their Switch console. The Switch is a portable console made by Nintendo with a focus on playing with friends, which is why it comes with 2 controllers when purchased. One of the 2 new models is going to be a more affordable version of the Switch with fewer features while the other one is going to have numerous features.

The cheaper model is not going to have vibration features and it is possible that the Joy-Con controllers that are seen on the current Switch are not going to be removable on the new one. This version of the switch is also going to be smaller and have more focus on portability.

The more expensive model is reported to be more powerful than the current switch, which uses a 4-year-old processor, by upgrading the processor to a newer version. It is likely that more information will be provided in June during E3.

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