North Korea Tests Another Nuclear Missile


On Thursday, North Korea state media announced that North Korea has tested yet another nuclear missile. The missile was described as a “new type tactical guided weapon” by North Korean media. The news comes nearly 2 months after the Hanoi summit, in which Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un met to make a deal on North Korea making nuclear weapons. The two countries could not come up with a deal on nuclear weapons, and negotiations stalled.

According to the North Korean state-run news agency, Kim Jong-Un has praised the missile test. “The development and completion of this weapons system will be a great historic event in strengthening the combat capability of the People's Army," Kim said according to KCNA, the state-run news agency of North Korea. "I was often completely moved in admiration at the time of strategic weapons development but seeing this it seems our scientists, engineers and the labor class is truly great. If they are willing then no weapon is beyond creation."

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