Opinion: CGI Should Be Used Less Often In Movies

CGI is a cursed form of movie making and should stopped being used in blockbuster movies. I don't think CGI should stop being used completely, but it should definitely be used less. The reasons for this is that practical effects just look better, CGI looks bad and unconvincing, and it’s taking people's jobs.

Since the start of Hollywood, effects have brought magic and life to the silver screen. It’s been another form of storytelling for many years. When visual effects were first introduced, they were done practically. This means all of the fire, water, and gunshots were are real. Today, all of these visual effects are replaced by CGI. This is all inferior because the effects just look better when they are done without a computer. It’s been proven many times that the scene looks much more realistic when there is an actual physical effect going on, compared to a computer-rendered version. The actors emotions are more convincing and it is captured on camera better.

Not only do the effects look better when done for real, they look worse when done with CGI. In CGI and other computer generated 3D objects, they use things called polygons. A polygon is a flat 2D shape in a 3D atmosphere. On its own, the polygon isn’t special, but when you combine them they can create complex 3D images. Here's the catch: polygons cost money. The more polygons you have, the more money you spend. So what movie makers do is they start removing the polygons until it makes a low-poly or low-quality 3D images. This is obviously a problem because lower quality is bad. If CGI doesn’t look bad enough, then this horrible practice is made worse by the amount of people losing their job over it. The people working in the stunt industry are rapidly becoming unimportant because they can just be replaced with CGI people. The movie studios say because this is “safer” but we all know because it’s a scheme to save money. The stuntman business has been one passed down for many generations and it’s very sad to see something like this go away.

Overall, CGI is just a bad practice. However, we can change this now. If we can speak up and convince Hollywood producers to limit their use of CGI, then we can improve the quality of blockbuster movies. While CGI is a powerful tool, it is being overused right now. By limiting the use of tool, our movie quality will be limitless.

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