Opinion: Republicans Should Accept The Democrats' Proposal To Give $1 Billion To Border Security

On Saturday, House Democrats proposed legislation that will give $1 billion to border security. However, none of the $1 billion will go to building a wall on the southern border. House Democrats say that the money will go towards other methods of securing the border. The GOP should work with Democrats and pass this bill.

The bill is a middle ground for the 2 parties. Many Republicans are concerned about the crisis at the southern border. Although the $1 billion won’t go towards a wall, it will go towards securing our border. This additional border security will lower the number of illegal immigrants coming into America and that's what many Republicans want. Many Democrats would be pleased with the bill being signed into law because the country would not have to deal with the problems associated with building the wall.

The bill would also re-open the government. The government shutdown has led to 380,000 federal employees being furloughed. Another 420,000 employees are working without pay because their jobs are considered essential. Although the government recently promised federal employees that they would get paid after the shutdown, federal employees still might have trouble paying for rent and other expenses. They don’t the have the money to pay for them now, they will have the bill later. In addition to that, many government agencies such as the FDA are unable to properly do their jobs because of the shutdown.

President Trump wants $5 billion for the wall and most likely won’t sign the bill into law if it were to pass the House and the Senate.

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