Opinion: The University Of Notre Dame Should Keep Its Columbus Murals

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

(Image: Sebastiano del Piombo [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The University of Notre Dame announced on Sunday that they would no longer be displaying murals of Christopher Columbus. In a letter to the campus, the president of the university said “In recent years I have heard from students, alumni, faculty, staff, representatives of the Native American community, and others on this complex topic. I have decided, after consultation with the University’s Board of Fellows, on a course that will preserve the murals, but will not display them regularly in their current location.”

Although Columbus did have many wrongdoings, he is still a very important figure in history. His discovery lead to the creation of the United States as we know it. Many other historical figures have done bad things. Thomas Jefferson owned 600 slaves throughout his lifetime. Winston Churchill starved many people in India and was racist. Mother Teresa gave her patients poor medical care and baptized dying patients without regard to the individual's religion. Should we remove all portraits of these people because they did bad things?

Furthermore, many of Columbus’ wrongdoings have been exaggerated. If you would like to know more on that, click here.

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