Oregon Students Scam Apple Out of Nearly $900,000

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Photo via Getty Images

In Oregon, 2 engineering students from China have been accused of scamming Apple hundreds of thousands of dollars by using fake iPhones and returning them to Apple with the claim that they would not turn on. After they returned the phones, Apple would give them new ones to replace the fake ones that were returned, and the real iPhones that Apple gave them were then sold for large sums of money. It is estimated that the students have already earned at least $895,800 USD from this scam. After the money was made, it was sent to the family of the students and then deposited into their bank accounts.

The accused students both attend different colleges, but they are known to live together. The names of the students are Yangyang Zhou and Quian Jiang. Authorities suspect that Zhou was able to smuggle the fake iPhones into the US from China, and Jiang was the one that took them to Apple and got the replacements.

The local authorities currently do not have enough evidence to convict the two students, but they are closely watching their activities.

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