Peruvians Have Been Accidentally Eating Shark Meat Because Of A Mislabeling

Peru is a country in South America, known for Machu Picchu and for its seafood delicacies. Recently, due to a mislabeling issue, Peruvians have been eating shark meat. According to the Science Director for the Peruvian arm of the international marine conservation nonprofit Oceana, Juan Carlos Riveros, 8 out of 10 seafood restaurants fell for the mislabeling. A DNA study by Oceana shows that 43 percent of the 450 samples of fish taken from restaurants and markets are mislabeled. The reason is that Peru’s fishing waters are being overfished. Sometimes catching a shark and mislabeling is a mistake or purposeful. Mislabeling has now become a huge problem for Peru’s economy and the world’s shark population.

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