Puerto Rico's Governor threatens legal action over national emergency

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello this Thursday just threatened legal action against President Donald Trump if he went through on the plan to declare a national emergency to get funding for his wall, which has previously said that "Mexico will pay for".

"Is it now Puerto Rico and California (American Citizens) that will pay for the wall?" Said Rossello on Twitter. "If this is the case, we’ll see you in court."

President Trump planned to declare a national emergency to get $1.375 billion in funding for 55 miles of the border wall on the Mexico border. Rossello was concerned since disaster relief money might to this wall.

It is unlikely that using emergency funding, as some GOP lawmakers have suggested will work since there are mutable groups that have stated that they will sue if this happens. Also, since the wall could cost as much as 70 Billion, this would be nowhere near enough to build the wall in full.

It is also unlikely to stop illegal immigration since most people get in by overstaying visas. This wall is not the best option to stop drug trafficking and illegal immigration. Plans, like building a road along the border, and using drones, are much more practical.

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