AdSense Radeon VII, AMD's new card. What will come after?

Radeon VII, AMD's new card. What will come after?

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Radeon VII, AMD’s newest graphics card has just been released. Its competitor, the RTX 2080 from NVIDIA, is only slightly worse, in spite of ongoing hype for the Radeon VII. The card, which was designed to be better, does have some drawbacks. For example, it is not that different from the previous generation, which was called Vega. Only a few enhancements were made, including shrinking the die size to 7nm, and a HBM2 memory of 16 gigabytes.

AMD has also been developing a budget card called Navi, which is cheaper and less powerful. It is not designed to compete with NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 ti; instead, it will be replacing the RX series, another budget card from AMD. Currently, the RX series consists of the RX 550, 560, 570, 580, and the RX 590.

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