Russia Leaks Numerous Documents To The Public


Numerous hacked Russian documents were released to the public on Friday. The documents included info from politicians to religious figures. 175 gigabytes of data was released to the world. The info was posted onto DDoSecret and Internet Archive at the same time.

It is suspected that the info leak was in retaliation to suspected Russians hacking the DNC’s (Democratic National Committee) emails in the 2016 American presidential election. Special counsel Robert Mueller has accused Russian hackers of hacking the DNC in 2016. Though the Russian government has denied ever hacking the DNC, the DNC has also said that the Russian government targeted them during the November midterms. The material is called “The Dark Side of the Kremlin” it has many things including messages from Ukraine terrorists, journalists, and nationalists.

The hackers have unfortunately, not yet been located or identified. The Russian government has not publicly reacted to this new information leak.

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