Schools Fail to Stop Vaping

Schools may try to stop vaping, but it is not going too well. Below we provided a few images of Flyers that schools have put up. Obviously, I don't think these are going to stop any kid from smoking, even if their favorite Fortnite character tells them to. I'm sorry School administrators I know this is a wild concept, but kids probably want legitimate reasons to stop smoking. Although it may not only work, telling kids about how badly it will mess you up in 20 years. Also, all of this is already a wide practice, making people show ID before they buy a vape might prevent a ton of underage vaping. As you may have seen, he's in the companies that make Vapes have taken stances against them in a way. Juul, the most Well known Vape company just banned its employees from vaping in the workplace. What I personally I think that we need to do, is try to limit sales to minors, and give talks at schools about how it messes up people. See some of the funny fliers we found below:

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