Self Driving Cars Will Be On The Roads Of The UK By 2021

The British Government is working on having self driving cars on the road by 2021. The Department for Transport (DfT) stated that the UK is "on track to meet its commitment to have fully self-driving vehicles on UK roads by 2021."

This is going to give a 67 Billion dollar boost the the automated vehicle market in the UK by 2035. Some say that this will be great for the UK and boost the economy. This could help elderly people who are not as good at driving as they once were.

The critics say that people will rely on these self driving cars too much, and that they will not be safe enough to be on the road by them. The cars are being pushed out too fast, and it could risk lives it the technology messes up.

This this is a good idea, as long as the driver is awake. I put a large amount of trust into self driving cars. Self driving cars have proven reliable, and they will likely do well for Britain.

There will be wide spread accidents as some are saying will happen. We will see how this goes for the UK, I hope this starts a trend of self driving cars in other countries.

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