Some of Trump's Tweets are Seriously Concerning

We have looked into the President's Twitter account, and here is what we found. The President can't remove any of these tweets under the law, since it is a public channel.

First up, we have this retweet about Kori Schulman. This is a confusing one, since no one working at the White House has a surname that is "Shulman". We can assume that they meant Kori Schulman, but either way, this is a concerning tweet that shows how homophobic the President is.

Next up, we have a tweet where Trump does not understand that all Jews do not support all things that Israel does. Not all Jews support Israel, and not all Israel supporters like Jews. Israel may be dominated by Jews, but they are two different entities. Saying all Jews should support every decision Israel is like saying all blacks should support Democrats.

This one is straight up Islamophobic. From what we can see, this is a retweet saying that there are ads of Muslims celebrating 911 on Trump's YouTube videos. The only alleged videos of this were from the Middle East, and there were never any ads of 9/11 celebrations on Trump's videos. This is a flat out false claim.

Clinton has never made a public statement supporting a wall in Israel—in fact, a wall in Israel is much more affordable than one spanning the Southern border.

There is no proof of this happening, but even more concerning is this blatantly false narrative being repeated in the replies.

Islamophobic comments like this were seen all over the replies to this tweet, and nothing is being done about it.

We see yet another Islamophobic tweet here. Not much needs to be said about the validity of this shared article, since as you can see it is from InfoWars. Also, the credibility of the claim in the tweet is questionable, since all they have is an account of one person in that article. People sharing articles like this is the reasons why people mistreat followers of Islam—moreover, it's dangerous when one of the most powerful people in the world uses false evidence to push an agenda.

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