SpaceX Will Sell Tickets To Mars For $500,000

Image: SpaceX

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, expects SpaceX to sell tickets to Mars for $500,000, as revealed in a tweet. Musk also says that in the future the price of a ticket could even get below $100,000. According to Musk, if the price does eventually become below $100,000, most people would be able to sell their homes and move to Mars.

Some might say that $500,000 just to go to Mars is a ripoff, but many factors are present that drive up cost. Musk also said that the return trip will be free. SpaceX is currently working on designing and constructing a functional rocket that can go to Mars, and it is going to be made completely out of stainless steel. Musk says there is around a 70% chance that he will move to Mars.

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