Surprising Ways Public Restrooms are Contaminated

Many people across the United States are familiar with public restrooms. After all, many people use the bathroom at places such as gas stations, restaurants, and other facilities. Since most of these bathrooms are unkempt, the stereotype of how all public restrooms are dirty is common. However, there are a few things in public restrooms that if anyone knew what they did, they would never use those utilities ever again.

All public bathrooms need to have something to dry hands with. As you may know, many public restrooms across the United States have air dryers, where one presses a button or puts their hand underneath a fan, which then jettisons surrounding air speedily onto the user’s hands, which drys them quickly. This is what causes them to be so dirty.

Since air dryers jettison air at a quick pace, a lot of air is needed. The air dryers vacuum air from around them, and spreads it out through a pipe or hole. However, since the air dryers do it quickly, there is barely any time to filter the air. This means that anything in the air or around the air dryer could be sucked in an dispersed onto someone’s hands, including germs and viruses from the air, dust, and many other substances. This leads to diseases spreading easily.

However, the air dryer is not the only disgusting utility in most public restrooms. Another example is the toilet. As anyone would know, toilets are extremely contaminated, as fecal matter is often spread into and onto them. But just like the air dryer, the toilet uses air to its advantage, but not in an obvious way. When toilets flush, air is released as result of the quick flushing of the water inside the toilet. This means that waste or residue from inside the toilet could escape, which could also easily spread disease.

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