Teachers In Virginia Protest For Higher Pay

Mike Elk/The Guardian

On, Monday, an estimated 10,000 teachers and supporters of their causes rallied through the streets of Richmond, Virginia to protest for better funding and higher pay for teachers. The teachers and supporters were demanding that the legislature raise the education fund along with the teacher’s pay. They were demanding this because the teachers in the protest were receiving less than $9,400 than the average teacher, even though Virginia is the 12th wealthiest state per capita in the United States.

The activists allied with Virginia Educators United were delighted at the sheer amount of protesters that came to the rally, as there were around five times more protesters than what they had predicted. John Marshall High Teacher Milondra Coleman stated, “I am ecstatic about today’s turnout especially because sometimes, we as teachers don’t always come out, we don’t always speak out, we don’t always let our voices be heard, so I am excited that we are out here today doing just that.”

This shows the large impact that the protest has had on activists and civilians of Richmond alike. However, this is not the first successful protest organized in the United States, as successful protests have been made in West Virginia, Arizona, Los Angeles, and Oklahoma in the past.

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