Ted Cruz Thinks The Money From El Chapo's Trials Should Be Used To Build The Wall

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Image

Senator Ted Cruz has proposed that assets that have been taken from a Mexican drug lord known as “El Chapo” should be used to assist in funding president Donald Trump’s wall. Not too long before El Chapo’s trial, Cruz posted on Twitter a reminder about his “El Chapo Act” which proposes all assets from El Chapo, estimated to be worth around $14 billion, can and should be used to fund the construction of Trump’s wall.

Senator Kennedy has also said that he agrees with Cruz’s proposal and will be supporting the legislation. When asked, Kennedy said, “If we can get money out of El Chapo, I’m all for it, he’s not gonna need it where he’s going.” Kennedy also stated, “If we can find his assets, I think we ought to seize ‘em. Ted’s right. I’ll vote for that.” Unfortunately for Cruz and Kennedy, El Chapo does not have his estimated $14 billion laying around in a bank account where it could be taken from easily. Chapo’s assets still have to be located in order to spend them and El Chapo has most likely hidden them well.

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