Tesla Lowers The Price For The Model 3

Tesla recently made their Model 3 car more affordable by lowering the price by $1,100. All of the available versions of the car received this price reduction. The reason that Tesla was able to lower the price is because they were ending their expensive referral program. The cheapest currently available Tesla vehicle now costs around $39,150 including tax, which adds $1,875 to the cost.

The goal for Tesla’s model 3 to have an unsubsidized starting price of about $35,000. According to a tweet from Elon Musk, it is “a super hard grind” to reach this price point for the car. Musk sent a letter in January that announced layoffs which Musk justified by saying that Tesla could now achieve a greater economic scale and be able to sell their Model 3 at $35,000 while still making a profit. In Europe, the Model 3 is currently selling for €53,500 ($60,000), which is due to higher cost in VAT and import duties.

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