Tesla Raises Prices to Stop Store Closures

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Mel Melcon/ LA Times

Last month, Tesla had announced that they would be closing all of their physical stores and replacing them with online-only sales, which they believe will lower prices so that they would be more affordable.

On Monday. Tesla announced that they will no longer be closing their stores. Even though Tesla is keeping all of their physical stores open, they still plan to only allow online sales; they only function as a way to showcase vehicles. Tesla also stated that they will have some vehicles in the physical stores available for customers that want to purchase one immediately.

This new announcement means that they will have to raise the prices of their vehicles, reversing all previous price cuts on their vehicles. The only vehicle that will not increase in price is the Tesla Model 3, which is $30,000. Tesla has also stated that all of the stores they closed after the original announcement were going to be closed before they made an attempt to implement online-only sales. At this time, Tesla has not provided any reason for deciding to keep all of its stores open.

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