The CDC Says Children Are Using Too Much Toothpaste

According to a CDC (Center for Disease Control) report, many children are utilizing unhealthily large amounts of toothpaste. According to the study, around 40% of children that are ages 3-6 are using more toothpaste than recommended by dental experts. Using too much toothpaste can be a problem because if a child swallows too much fluoride, they can get a condition called dental fluorosis. Fluorosis is a discoloration of the teeth.

According to the survey the CDC conducted, children are using up to 38 percent more toothpaste than recommended. Children under 3 should be using even less toothpaste, only about the size of a grain of rice. The reason why parents are putting too much toothpaste on their kids' brushes is that they are receiving contradictory advice about how much toothpaste to use and whether fluoride toothpaste is even appropriate for their child.

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