The Features of NVIDIA's New 1660 TI

Credit: TechSpot

The new GTX 1660 TI from NVIDIA has come out in various forms and with various features. It sports 6gb of GDDR6 VRAM, similar to the new RTX 2060, but it has less CUDA cores than the 2060. To balance this out, NVIDIA has made the clock speeds on the 1660 TI slightly higher, making it better than a GTX 1060 but worse than a RTX 2060, putting it around the level of a GTX 1070.

There are quite a few new versions of the GTX 1660 TI, including two versions from ASUS. Although it performs the best, it is $330, only 20$ less than some RTX 2060s. The others start at $280, a more reasonable price. But, what about the funky name? Supposedly, it would be the GTX 1160 TI. But, 1660 makes no sense. Some people think that it is in between a GTX 1060 and RTX 2060, hence 1660. We currently don’t know much about the name. But, overall, this card is pretty good in terms of performance and price. We’ll have to see what NVIDIA comes up with next.

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