The Last living Caribou In The Contiguous United States Has Been Relocated To Canada

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

National Geographic

The last living caribou in the contiguous United States has recently been relocated to a captive rearing pen near the Revelstoke area as a last resort to increase the population of caribou in endangered herds. About a month from now, the biologists working for the Canadian province of British Columbia plan to release the caribou along with two other caribou from a different herd back into the wild in a much larger herd in Canada. Before they release the caribou, they will attempt to restore the caribous’ natural habitat, as the largest contributor to the caribou being endangered is habitat loss.

When the caribou cannot flourish in a certain area, other hoofed animals can quickly spread through the area, which can attract predators. Then, the predators would come there to hunt often. That means that if the conditions became acceptable for caribou to live there, the predators would drive them out. This has happened hundreds of times around the US-Canadian border, which means the the caribou population has plummeted. The biologists working for British Columbia hope to fix this problem by holding the last caribou captive.

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