The Media Is Making It Seem Like Conservatives Have A Problem With Women Dancing

On Thursday, a video was leaked that showed Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing. The video was made 9 years ago when Ocasio-Cortez was still in college. The media is making it seem that conservatives somehow have a problem with AOC’s dancing. Let me make it clear, if it wasn’t already obvious, most conservatives don’t have some aggression to women dancing. I'm actually pretty sure some conservatives thought AOC’s dancing was good. What conservatives don't like is her policies.

AOC’s policies are very questionable. Her policies focus on medicare for all, free college, and a green new deal. This would require a extremely high tax rate. She claims she would have to raise taxes on the rich but the rich already pay the majority of taxes. This would make the middle class have to pay a 60-70% income tax.

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