The Rise Of Bolsonaro Is Very Worrying

lan Santos/PR

Jean Wyllys, Brazil’s first openly gay congressman, announced on Thursday that he will flee the country in response to the death threats he has recently received. Wyllys advocated for gay rights and fought discrimination against women and minority religions during his time in office. He is a critic of Jair Bolsonaro, the current President of Brazil.

Bolsonaro was elected back in October. Bolsonaro has far-right views and has made homophobic comments in the past. Since he was elected, discrimination against minorities and people in the LGBTQ community has risen. Unsurprisingly, Bolsonaro targeted minorities in his first day of office by signing multiple executive orders that went after groups such as the indigenous people of Brazil. Bolsonaro has also made many positive comments about the military dictatorship that ruled the country from 1964-1985. His rise is worrying for Brazil and for the rest of the world.

The Far-Right has been growing in places such as Europe and Japan. We should take the rise of these far-right groups as a major threat.

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