The T-Rex Had A 1 Meter Tall Relative

Jorge Gonzalez

Scientists have found a new relative to the most famous dinosaur of all time, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. This huge dinosaur was a famous carnivore in the late Cretaceous period. Its name means "tyrant lizard king" in latin and it lived in what is now North America. Scientists were originally puzzled at the T-rex’s history, as there was a gap in fossil records between 150 million and 80 million years ago.

Now, scientists have found a cousin of the T-rex that lived about 95 million years ago. Paleontologists found a tooth and hind leg bone from this new dinosaur in Utah. They call this new species "Moros Intrepidus" which is Greek for "intrepid harbinger of doom". This dinosaur was actually pretty small compared to the size of its descendant at 1 meter tall and weighing in at 78 kilograms. This new discovery has fascinated paleontologists and many of them were surprised to learn how a close relative of the T-rex could be so small.

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