The Warriors Made The Finals Five Times In A Row

Throughout the history of basketball, there has been many amazing and outstanding teams, meaning they won the Finals multiple times in a row. Since 1966, no team has attended five consecutive Finals, until the Golden State Warriors defeated the Portland Trail Blazers, winning the series 4 - 0.

The Warriors had a tough time throughout this tournament. The troubles they have faced consist of Kevin Durant’s calf injury, no Andre Iguodala for game four against the Trail Blazers, and no DeMarcus Cousins. Even when it seemed impossible, the Warriors managed to get past through the series without taking a single loss. The Warriors were down by double digits at one point in three straight games, and yet they still managed to win. The Warriors cut the fourth game close where they won by two points in overtime.

“They have confidence about them,” Portland Coach Terry Scotts said. They feel they are never out of a game. They have the experience and they have done it before. They know how to make things difficult for opponents. They help each other, they trust each other. They have been rewarded year after year with that style of play, there is a reason to trust it.”

The Warriors are looking to win their third straight NBA Final and to attempt to do the same next season.

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