The Wife Of California's Governor Is Given The Title "First Partner"

When a president or governor is elected to office, most of the time, the elected official’s wife is given the title “First Lady.” Well, the wife of Gavin Newsom (who is the current governor for California) wants her title to be “First Partner”. “We’re going to have a female governor someday soon. It opens up the opportunity for any couple to really step in, and that’s exciting to me.” says Jennifer Siebel Newsom. Jennifer Siebel Newsom has advocated for women's rights and was the director of the documentary “Miss Representation”. The documentary mainly talks about sexism in American society. Her decision to be called “First Partner” has had some criticism from conservatives. They say that changing “First Lady” to “First Partner” is unreasonable. Her husband, Gavin Newsom, the current governor of California, has criticized Trump multiple times and has even once compared him to Pennywise (a clown in the horror movie "It")

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