There Will Be A Lunar Eclipse On Sunday

Adam Block/University of Arizona

On Sunday, there will be a total lunar eclipse visible in North America and South America, The total eclipse will also be visible in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, and Iceland. Some parts of Portugal, France, Spain, Sweden, Finland, and Russia will also get to experience the event. The rest of Europe and Africa will experience only a partial eclipse. The eclipse will start at 9:35 PM EST (2:35 am UTC). The moon will be completely red at around 12:10 am EST (5:10 am UTC). The eclipse will come to an end at 2:52 am EST (7:52 am UTC). The Lunar Eclipse will coincidentally occur during a supermoon. A supermoon is when the moon appears 10-15% larger than it normally would. This isn't the first time this has happened in recent years. Around the same time last year, a lunar eclipse, a supermoon, and a blue moon all occurred at the same time.

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