There Will Be A New Professional Football League That Will Compete Against The NFL

The Alliance of American Football league is going to commence on Febuary 14th, 2019. The AAF is a league that will take place during the normal “off season“. It will start off showcasing eight teams. The Arizona Hot Shots, The Atlanta Legends, The Birmingham Iron, The Memphis Express, The Orlando Apollos, The Salt Lake Stalions, The San Antonio Commanders, and The San Diego Fleet.

There are a few reasons the AAF might be better to watch than the NFL. One reason is that there will be 60% fewer commercials than the NFL. With that being said, the games are only supposed to last about 150 minutes(compared to the NFL’s 180 minutes). Instead of extra point kicks, there will be only two-point conversions. It gives the game a more interesting play after a touchdown. There also won’t be any kickoffs, so after a two-point conversion, the ball will go to the opposing team’s own twenty five yard line.

Another interesting part of the AAF’s rules is that the only reviews will be if a coach challenges a call. Each coach gets two challenges per game. There are some exceptions at the end of games and halfs. The playoffs for the AAF will have four teams, like College Football. With the AAF, you won't have to wait several months to watch football

Note: This was re-posted because of an error we made in the original post

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