This New Robot Can Mimic The Tendrils Of Plants

A new robot has just been made by IIT (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia). This robot is soft and is able to mimic the tendrils of plants. The researchers took inspiration from plants and how they can make their tendrils wrap around almost anything, which the robot was able to successfully replicate. The robot can now curl and climb just like real plant tendrils. It using the principles that a plants have to transport water. This is really good because it means that we can make new devices such as bracelets that can morph to fit the wearer.

The robot is made from a PET tube, containing a liquid with ions. Using a 1.3 volt battery these ions are attracted and stopped on the surface of electrodes at the bottom of the tendril. The liquid then moves because of the movement of these ions. To go back it disconnects the electric wires from the battery.

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