This University Will Have Robots Deliver Food To Students

George Mason University

In George Mason University of Virginia, there are going to be six-wheeled delivery robots created by a European startup called Starship Technologies. On Monday, the company announced that students from the George Mason University will be able to utilize robots to deliver select food and drink orders.

Starship Technologies will be providing George Mason University with 25 robots. For now, only orders from Blaze Pizza, Starbucks, and Dunkin Donuts will be accepted, with more options coming soon. Each order will come at a price of $1.98 plus the cost of the food itself. These robots can carry up to 20 lbs worth of food. During the past few years these robots have been utilized in various cities and according to Starship Technologies, the robots are able to drive on sidewalks, curbs, while being able to function in the rain, snow, and in the dark.

The robots have cameras on that that allow them to avoid hitting people and objects. Orders on these robots can be placed through an app designed for iOS and Android. According to Starship, these robots can deliver anywhere on campus and are equipped with a locking mechanism on the lid which can only be opened by the customer. The progress of the robots is monitored at all times by Starship staff.

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