Trump Bashes Socialism While Rallying In Miami

Donald Trump spoke about Socialism on Monday while rallying in Miami. During the rally, Trump stated that he believes Socialism will come to an end in the western hemisphere.

“The twilight hour of socialism has arrived in our hemisphere and frankly in many, many places around the world,” Trump said. “The days of socialism and communism are numbered, not only in Venezuela but in Nicaragua and in Cuba as well.”

The President also criticized the ideology for leading to tyranny.

“This will never happen to us, Socialism is a sad and discredited ideology, rooted in the total ignorance of history and human nature, which is why socialism eventually must always give rise to tyranny, which it does,” Trump said.

Trump also called for the Venezuelan military to ditch their loyalty to Nicolas Maduro. Maduro responded to this by calling Trump’s speech “almost Nazi-style”.

“Who is the commander of the armed forces, Donald Trump from Miami?” said Maduro. “They think they’re the owners of the country.”

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