Trump Proposes A Deal And Calls For Bipartisanship In His Announcement

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Alex Brandon/AP/REX/Shutterstok

On Saturday, President Donald Trump made an announcement from the White House. In the announcement, he spoke about illegal immigration and called for bipartisanship on the border wall issue. Trump also proposed a plan to deal with the issue on the southern border. He says he wants the country to spend $800 million on “urgent humanitarian assistance”, $805 million on drug detection technology at ports of entry, an additional 2,750 border patrol agents, and 75 new immigration judge teams. In addition to that, Trump says the proposed legislation will extend the status of DACA and TPS recipients. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel is expected to bring this bill to the Senate and a vote might be held sometime this week. If the bill passes, the government shutdown would come to an end. Democrats are expected to oppose the bill and it likely won't get past all of congress.

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