Trump's Criticism Of The Media May Have Led To The Attack On The Journalist

Eric Gay/AP

Recently, a Trump supporter attacked a cameraman at the El Paso rally in Texas. This man reportedly came up to Ron Skean and gave him “a very hard shove”. President Trump gave Skeans a thumbs up to make sure he was okay. The attacker was supposedly drunk, as suggested by a campaign official.

The president has already has an all but cordial relationship with journalists throughout his presidency. At the beginning, he claimed journalists were the enemy of the people, and called reports he didn’t like fake news. Could this have lead up to the reporter being attacked? Last August, UN experts did warn President Trump that he might be increasing the risk of journalists and reporters to be targeted. Now, people are urging him to stop his assault on the media. If he will, we don’t know. Helping the BBC reporter could be his first steps to warming up to the media.

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