AdSense Trump To Speak From the Oval Office

Trump To Speak From the Oval Office

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The President will speak from the Oval Office tonight to address the ongoing situation at the southern border. He is expected to advocate for border wall funds during the speech. There are also rumors that he will declare a national emergency. When presidents speak from the Oval Office, it’s usually when there is a major announcement. Many people on twitter are boycotting the event. #BoycottTrumpPrimeTime is currently trending on Twitter. The people boycotting the announcement think that the president will not say anything new. Stormy Daniels, who has claimed that Trump had an affair with her in 2006, has said that she will live-stream herself folding laundry in her underwear while Trump speaks from the Oval Office. Daniels claims that she will give the people boycotting the announcement something to do. There will also be some airtime for Democrats to respond to Trump's speech.

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