Trump wants Government Shutdown Since He Can't Get His Wall.

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Image from The Washington Examiner.

Get your passports now, since Trump threatened a “Very Long” government shut-down. The skirmish is over a border spending bill, asking for 5 Billion to fund the wall. If this does not get settled, we will have a government shutdown. If you did not know, during a shut-down, non-essential services, like the Passport office, once it runs out of funds from fees. Here is a list of every department affected:

Department of the Treasury Department of Agriculture Homeland Security Department Department of the Interior Department of State Department of Housing and Urban Development Department of Transportation Department of Commerce Department of Justice

It is annoying that Trump would rather have a government shutdown then not get funding on his border wall. There are better solutions to a wall, like cameras, and most people who get here illegally overstay visas.I hope that this gets resolved quickly, so the government will continue working effectively.

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