Venezuelan President Demands US Diplomats To Leave The Country

Carlos Garcia Rawlins/ Reuters

On Wednesday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced publicly that he will give the US Diplomats located in Venezuela 72 hours to leave the country. This was a major surprise to most, but some expected it to happen. This was because the head of the National Assembly declared himself President during very large anti-government protests. Soon after, US President Donald Trump recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the true President of Venezuela. This angered Maduro and he responded with the demand of all US Diplomats leaving the country as mentioned earlier. He also stated that he was cutting all diplomatic and political ties with the United States, which angered the supporters of Guaido.

The Guaido supporters then gathered in the streets, which angered Maduro even further. He then launched more political campaigns against Guaido in an attempt to stunt his rallies from growing with more protesters.

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