War Tensions run High with Russia.

As you know, the Cold War was an arms race was a fight to create better military technology.

The U.S. is now withdrawing from the INF Treaty, a Cold War Treaty limiting medium-range missiles since there are rumors of one of Russia’s weapons violating the agreement. Putin blamed the U.S.

Putin also stated. “What’s next? It’s hard to imagine how the situation will evolve. What if those missiles appear in Europe? What do we do then?”

As you know, arms races are expensive, and experts are saying that the U.S. may not win, and not to mention, both sides will waste billions of dollars if an arms race starts. The U.S. has 200 less nuclear forces at this time, this is not a fight we want to engage in. In my opinion, this is initially Russia’s fault for violating the INF, but the U.S. should not withdraw from the treaty.

Also, Tensions are increasing between Russia and Ukraine, after Russia seized 3 Ukrainian ships. The Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko threatened “Full-Scale War”.

Everyone and The US Times can say, Nuclear War does not go well with your Christmas, and we all hope both conflicts get resolved peacefully.

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